Do you consider yourself as a successful business-person? How long have you been in business? How far have you gone related to marketing your products/ services? Have you recently faced a drop in sales or stagnation when it comes to sales?


Are you just trying to be an entrepreneur and make the break-through of your life? Are you trying to market yourself to the world out there?

It all boils down to two fundamental questions.

  • How good are you of marketing yourself or your product and services?
  • How well you are perceived among your target customer base?

This is where the social proof comes into play.

What is ‘Social-Proof’?

When was the last time you purchased from an online store? How likely were you to read the reviews or check out the ratings before making your purchase? I’d bet you did a full review and went through most of the comments to see whether you are making the ‘right’ choice.

This is Social Proof.

It is a psychological state of confidence created by comparing your decision with the others who have followed the same path. Social proof is an informational social influence which confirms your actions based on the behavior shown by other people.

Why do you need ‘Social-Proof’?

With the advancement of technology, social proof has advanced to a level where it can not be neglected anymore. If you have not already invested a fair emphasis on social proof, you are losing out already and you are about to lose out more.

Potential customers stumble upon your website/ business while they are browsing for related content. Some might be in dire need of a solution and some might just be looking out. In any of the case, they need a catalyst to entice them to take their next step, which is the purchase. If you are not giving them the required push to make them from potential customers to customers then they might just look for someone who offers it.

Now comes the question. How?

Search no more. Koraki is there to help you.

What is Koraki and What Can Koraki Do For You?

Koraki is the best social proof widget out there in the market. When I say best, I mean both feature-wise and cost-wise.

Let’s look at the features first because I’m pretty sure once you look at the features, cost will not matter anymore. Following is a quick list of what Koraki has to offer.

  • Live analytics : Live analytics include how many people are looking at your website right now, how many people visited the website during last hour etc.
  • A wide-array of integrations : Let’s say your customer base is dispersed across different channels; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Nothing to worry. We have the ability to integrate to any of the channels and pull information
  • Unlimited users : We do not discriminate based on the number of users. We try to make a sale for you from every potential customer who comes across your business
  • Unlimited websites : Are you running multiple businesses at the same time and want to get the service across all of them? You have come to the right place.
  • Priority support : We are working around the clock to attend to any of your queries at earliest.

Now the interesting stuff: Pricing. Our pricing plans are quite adaptative. Based on the feature requirement you can assess which pricing plans fits you the best. You can even opt to go with the annual plan which will come at a handy discount or if you feel like testing the waters first, you can go with the monthly plan. Also last but not least, you have the free trial period too