This is a guide for OpenCart store owners or developers to integrate Koraki to online e shops. To get started with, you need a Koraki account (you can create on here, OpenCart site (version 2.0 or later) and Admin access to OpenCart website.

We can continue if you have all above. First, you need to create a Koraki application by logging into

Now let’s see how to integrate Koraki social proof widget to your OpenCart website.

1. Select the created Koraki application from the applications tab

2. Click on integrations tab

3. Click Install button of the OpenCart integration. You can enter “opencart” on filter box just bellow the javascript code

4. Click on the appropriate button which is for your OpenCart version. It will download a zip package containing the module for OpenCart.

5. Unzip the package and navigate to upload directory. You need to upload/copy the content inside upload directory to your OpenCart installation location. You can use a FTP tool like FileZilla to do this. This operation will not replace any of your existing files or folders.

6. Once the upload is completed, log in to your OpenCart admin panel and navigate to Extensions tab and select Extensions

7. If you are using OpenCart 2.3 or later you need to select modules from the top dropdown.

8. Scroll down and find entry Koraki Notification Widget and click on Install button.

9. Then click on the Edit button.

10. Navigate back to your Koraki dashboard and select the application. In the details tab you can find client id and client secret. You need to copy and paste credential pair to OpenCart Koraki module.

11. Optionally you can change following settings to enable/disable capturing specific events,

Checkout : When a customer confirms an order. 
Registered : When a visitor sign up using registration form.
Newsletter subscribed : When a visitor sign up with newsletter subscribe checkbox checked.
Product review : When a product review is approved from admin panel.
Widget status : Show/hide Koraki widget on website UI. This will still capture events and generates notifications

Now all set for the launch ? Click on Save button of OpenCart Koraki module! If you happen to face any issue, if you have suggestions for improvements please comment bellow. We will be right there to assist ?

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