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Koraki— The social proof widget for your website to convince leads to become customers instantly.

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Let your customers know what's happening inside your business

There are many potential customers visiting your website but leave it because they don't believe what you say. Building customer trust is the key point for better conversion rate. You have less than 1 minute to gain their trust and Koraki is here to help you.



Koraki is packed with features that amaze you. It's a complete bundle of tools for social influence marketing.

Live analytics

It can show notifications about live visitors too! Your customers will be delighted to see that there are 100's of others visiting the site.

Social media

Koraki can generate notifications based on how your customers interact with your social media channels.

Shopping cart integrations

Koraki supports integrations to most popular shopping cart websites. You can instantly let the world know how customers trust you.

Customize Koraki way you like

You can customize the theme of Koraki widget to match your website with an endless of creativeness.

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Endless integrations

Koraki can be integrated with your favorite apps without any programming skills. But still it is powered with an API, if you are brave enough

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JavaScript widget

It's very easy to install Koraki. Simply copy and paste the JavaScript code in footer area.


Koraki analytics dashboard lets you have an in-depth idea of how well your campaigns perform.


Integrate your apps including social media channels to provide best experience to your visitors.


Get access to endless possibilities with Koraki API. You can develop your own integrations.


Koraki is rapidly evolving at the moment. Research team is working hard to make it better.


We spent many sleepless nights doing research on social proof to build the perfect tool.


Our dedicated support team is always here to assist you with lots of love.


We have a free pricing plan for starters and more advanced plans for enterprises.

Lightning fast

Koraki widget is non blocking and loads asynchronously, and it's fast as lightning.

Frequently asked Questions

Some questions we know that you have. If you still don't find the answer, contact us!

What is social proof marketing

Think of an empty shop. Nobody will go inside. What if visitors see the shop is full with people? Everybody will at least go inside and check what's so special. Social proof is using existing customers to do your marketing.

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What is Koraki?

Koraki is a widget you can install on your website. It collects customer events from various sources and creates notifications. These are publicly displayed on your website so visitors will see what's happening inside and how other customers trust you.

Do I need to know coding?

No, not really. You can install Koraki on your website by going into Integrations tab of admin section. With few clicks you can integrate Koraki with 1000+ apps. You can develop your own integration using our API too.

Hot! Over 100's of businesses just like you use Koraki with full features. Upgrade to Personal Plan for $25 USD/mo.


$0 Forever
  • 8 Active notifications
  • 100 notifications
  • 500 unique user sessions
  • 1 website
  • Integrations for popular apps
  • Analytics
  • Support forum access/Email support


$25 Per Month
  • Live analytics notifications
  • Unlimited active notifications
  • Unlimited notifications
  • 5K user sessions
  • 3 websites
  • Analytics
  • Priority support


Per Month
  • Live analytics notifications
  • Unlimited active notifications
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited websites
  • Analytics
  • Premium support

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